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STA is the first computer-controlled local anesthetic system. STA allows the dentist to be more precise and deliver anesthesia more comfortably and painlessly. The need for a medieval-looking traditional syringe has been replaced with a much smaller, less intimidating, and easier-to-control pump. This technology has been clinically proven to provide a pain-free injection for most patients. Anesthesia delivered through STA lasts just as long as traditional anesthesia to keep you comfortable during treatment.

'I Didn't Feel a Thing!'

The Wand™ is the high-tech delivery system for single tooth anesthesia Prior to the Wand's introduction, the syringe, a 150-year-old technology, was the primary method of delivering anesthesia. The Wand is so much more comfortable, it doesn't just feel better in process, any anxiety you might experience over treatment that needs anesthetic just fades away! Our patients almost always say, "I didn't feel a thing!" You no longer have to be fearful or anxious of the traditional dental needle when you visit our office.

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