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Natural-Looking Crowns Made While You Wait

Forget waiting weeks for the installation of a new permanent crown. Dr. McCormick can eliminate the need for multiple office visits by fabricating the permanent crown in a single visit. This new technology is called CEREC™, a computer-aided design and milling device. CEREC allows us to create a permanent crown in mere minutes. Now, there's no more waiting for a lab and no return trips to the dentist. Patients love it!
One Visit Dental Crowns Dentist Concord CAThe CEREC system allows us to repair a damaged tooth in one single visit. We no longer need to create goopy impressions or generate temporaries, and CEREC also enables us to satisfy patients seeking a long-lasting, aesthetic alternative to silver or plastic fillings.
To start the restoration, we use a special camera to take an accurate image of the tooth. The picture is then displayed on our computer screen, enabling us to design the restoration. Then CEREC takes over and automatically produces the restoration. Finally, we bond the new restoration to the surface of the old tooth.
All this makes going to the dentist much simpler and quicker, and who really wants to spend more time in a dental chair?

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